Tuesday, January 26, 2010


gray hat with red flower
Sage green hat with large dark purple flower (Homespun yarn) & brown hat (regular yarn) with pink flower.
Cream hat with 2 light pink flowers

2 options:
1. Choose a plain hat (without a flower) and adorn it with small flower clips you can purchase separately. With the clip-on flowers, you can use a variety of colors on your hat.
Price: $10
2. Choose a hat with a permanent small (up to 3), medium or big flower.
Price: $15
Flower color
Can be customized to whatever colors I have. Just pick two colors you would like together, one for the hat, one for the flower(s). Specify what size flower (small, medium, large) and how many flowers--up to 3 (small flowers only.)
I use 2 kinds of yarn--"regular" (see brown hat with blue flowers), and "Homespun" (more fuzzy--see orange and green hats above.) Also, it is helpful to know head size (S, M, L, or your head circumference in inches) so the hat is not too tight or too loose. I make hats for all ages...

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